• Take off period2020 - Future

    Take off period

    Bensv signed strategic cooperation with North China University of water resources and hydropower, constantly expanding and innovating new areas and new ways of cooperation between the two sides, and carried out extensive, in-depth and pragmatic cooperation in scientific research and platform construction, personnel training, academic exchanges and application of achievements. In the future, Bonneville will strive to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry, cultivate new technologies, and promote and guide the development of water industry.

  • Take off period2017-2019

    Take off period

    Establish air valve inlet and exhaust performance testing device to guide the technical progress of domestic water industry valve industry

  • Growth period2004-2006

    Growth period

    The company introduced advanced technology and equipment, successfully developed the non marketing process desulfurization butterfly valve, and renamed it Tianjin bonasway Valve Co., Ltd. with capital, products and technology as the link, it promoted the development of enterprise scale

  • Germination period1999-2003

    Germination period

    Tianjin bonasway automatic valve Co., Ltd. was founded, initially completed business experience and capital accumulation, and laid a solid foundation for enterprise development.

  • Leap Forward period2010-2015

    Leap Forward period

    The company has ushered in a qualitative leap, and has started the journey of listing, which marks bonasville's development from production and operation to both production and capital management, and to a modern enterprise system.

  • Expanding period2007-2009

    Expanding period

    Through the certification of quality, environment, occupational health management system, etc., the internationalization strategy has been implemented, from the domestic market to the international and domestic markets.