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BNSV Differential pressure monitoring tube burst shut-off valve


The pressure difference monitoring type pipe burst shut-off valve is generally installed near the important area to be protected on the water transmission pipeline with power supply along the way. When the pipeline is in normal state, the valve is opened. When the pipe burst accident occurs, the explosion shut-off valve senses the pressure difference change, and transmits the signal to the control system. The control system controls the valve to close automatically and cut off the pipeline, so as to prevent the pipe burst from bringing huge disasters .

● Reduce water loss caused by pipe burst and avoid secondary disasters. When the water supply pipeline burst, the pipe burst shut-off valve will automatically close, quickly cut off the water flow, and effectively prevent or reduce the pipe burst loss.

● It is sensitive. Once the actual pressure difference exceeds the set pressure difference, the valve will close automatically and quickly.

● The closing speed is adjustable. It can effectively prevent water hammer caused by valve closing too fast.

● There are many options for the main valve. Eccentric hemisphere valve and butterfly valve can be used as main valve.

Ductile iron QT450 / WCB can be selected as the material of differential pressure monitoring tube burst shut-off valve.

It can be customized according to customer needs, for more sizes please consult.