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BNSV Axial flow check valve


The axial flow check valve is used at the outlet of the water pump. It can automatically track the moment when the inertia of the water column is exhausted, that is, when the positive flow rate drops to zero, and automatically closes the valve flap, so that the water column just stops without any external force. It can effectively reduce the water hammer pressure rise caused by pump stop in the pipeline, and protect the pump and pipeline system. Can also be used as a check in the pipeline.

● The flow channel inside the valve body adopts streamline design with small head loss;

● The valve disc stroke is short, which can realize the rapid closing of the valve, and the operation is stable without vibration and noise;

● Reasonable structure and good sealing performance;

● Wear resistance and long service life.



Body、guide van

DI、Cast steel、Stainless steel


Bronze or Chromium stainless steel


Stainless steel