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BNSV Hydraulic control check butterfly valve


The hydraulic control check butterfly valve is used at the outlet of the water pump, which can realize the two-stage closing from fast to slow, that is to prevent the water pump from over speed reversal for a long time, and to avoid or reduce the excessive water hammer caused by the medium backflow in the pipeline, so as to protect the water pump and pipeline system. There are two types of hydraulic control check butterfly valve: hammer type and accumulator type.

● Operation safety. Whether it is normal pump stop or accident shutdown, it can be closed in two stages: fast and slow, to prevent the pump from over speed reversal or excessive water hammer pressure for a long time.

● It has strong applicability. The regulation range of valve closing law is wide, which can adapt to the regulation of different working conditions.

● Energy saving and consumption reduction. Low flow resistance and low energy consumption.

The hydraulic control check butterfly valve is composed of double eccentric butterfly valve, driving oil cylinder, hydraulic station and control cabinet.