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BNSV Sea water resistant hard seal butterfly valve


With the rapid development of marine development and utilization, a large number of coastal nuclear power projects and the promotion of seawater desalination industry, the application of seawater resistant butterfly valve has become more and more widely. It is suitable for seawater cooling industry of our company.

● Three eccentric hard seal butterfly valve has small fluid resistance, small impact on sealing surface, no change of medium flow direction, no disturbance, small pressure drop, small opening and closing torque, wide range of applicable pressure and temperature.

● Three eccentric bevel cone seal is adopted. The butterfly plate swing contact seal is used to seal the opening and closing without abrasion. The closer the closing is, the more reliable the sealing performance is. The sealing cover is completely separated from contact by opening to ensure that the sealing surface is not damaged.

● When the valve is opened, the butterfly plate and the valve seat contact instantaneously when closing, and the butterfly plate eccentricity is used to quickly break away from the valve seat, which reduces the wear of the sealing pair, with small friction torque and flexible opening. The eccentric conical surface enables the butterfly plate to pass through the inner hole of the valve seat to realize contact sealing when the valve is opened or closed. In addition, the rotation radius of the conical butterfly plate is larger than that of the contact position of the sealing pair, so the butterfly plate will be more and more tightly closed when the valve is closed, which can realize self-locking and prevent the butterfly plate from over position.

● The sealing surface is made of d507mo and cobalt base hard alloy, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and long service life, and overcomes the defect of easy leakage of thermal expansion valve in high temperature service.

● The butterfly plate seal ring adopts hard and soft laminated metal sheet, which has the dual characteristics of elastic seal and soft hard multi-level seal compatibility. It has good sealing performance no matter in the case of corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

Part Name


Part Name

BodyStainless steel, chromium Stem2Cr13、1Cr13 Stainless  steel、Chromium molybdenum steel、2205、17-4Ph
DiscStainless steel, chromium BearingAustenitic stainless  steel、304 nitrided
Seal RINGStainless steel and high temperature resistant asbestos board are combined into multi-layerPacking