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BNSV Bi directional double eccentric soft seal butterfly valve


Bi directional double eccentric soft seal flange butterfly valve is a new type of flange butterfly valve developed by our company based on the eccentric principle and combined with domestic and foreign advanced technology. It has the characteristics of small operating torque, labor saving, convenient maintenance, two-way sealing and long service life. It is suitable for long distance water supply, municipal water supply and drainage, building water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, industrial and agricultural water system.

● With double eccentric structure, it has the sealing function of closing more tightly. The sealing pair can realize instantaneous opening and closing, reduce the friction in the process of opening and closing, and prolong the service life of the valve.

● Reliable sealing: stainless steel and rubber are selected as sealing materials, which are reliable and have long service life.

● New surfacing technology: the sealing surface of valve seat adopts the new technology of surfacing stainless steel alloy with nodular cast iron unique to our company, and the sealing surface of valve seat has no wear during use.

● The sealing ring is fixed reliably: the rubber sealing ring is fixed on the valve plate by pressing plate and screw. The sealing ring adopts T-shaped round high hardness solid rubber ring, which is vulcanized as a whole and has no joint connection. It is corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant and wear-resistant.

● Convenient maintenance and replacement: the rubber seal ring can be adjusted by adjusting the adjusting screw on the butterfly plate to adjust the sealing pressure arbitrarily. When it is necessary to replace the butterfly seal ring, the valve can be directly replaced in the pipeline without removing the valve from the pipeline (DN ≥ 800).

● The butterfly plate is of truss structure: the butterfly plate has high strength, large flow area and small flow resistance.

● It can realize two-way sealing. Under the impact of water flow, the sealing ring does not loosen, fall off, leak and has a long service life.






Ductile iron QT450-10



Ductile iron QT450-10


Disc seal ring




Stainless steel 20Cr13



Welded stainless steel


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