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BNSV Water hammer relief valve


The water hammer relief valve is used on the outlet pipe of the water pump. It is close to the source of water hammer, such as check valve and overpressure point of water transmission pipe. When the pressure rises to the set value SRV, it can release the high pressure water hammer unconditionally. It is the protection equipment after the safety of the pump station, and is also an effective means to reduce the water hammer when closing the valve, which can effectively improve the safety and reliability of the system.


● Rapid response and elimination of destructive water hammer. The pilot valve with high sensitivity can quickly respond to the overpressure condition and open the main valve to drain water, as shown in Figure 1;

● Once the system pressure subsides below the set value of pilot valve, close the valve slowly at an adjustable speed, as shown in Fig. 2;

● The unique differential piston design can provide reliable working power even when the working pressure is very low. When the pressure returns to normal, the valve can be automatically closed;

●  ?The V-shaped opening with long stroke makes the valve have linear adjustment characteristics in the full flow range, as shown in Fig. 3;


● Water hammer relief valve is usually discharged to the air, and it is easy to produce high flow rate and cavitation every time it is opened. The design of water hammer relief valve can protect the valve seat from cavitation and high velocity damage;

● There are two kinds of valve body: right angle valve body and straight through valve body, which can be installed in any direction to facilitate pipeline layout;

● Reliable performance, easy maintenance and online maintenance;

● It is equipped with opening display, and indicator rod shows the opening of main valve, which is clear at a glance;

● Each valve has been tested in the factory, and the pilot valve is set at the specified relief pressure (usually 10% higher than the normal maximum pressure of the system). The setting of the pilot valve can also be adjusted on site.




Ductile Iron

Valve internals

copper alloy or stainless steel


rubber or synthetic material

Connection and fastener