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BNSV Clamp worm gear butterfly valve


Butterfly valve is suitable for flow regulation. Since the pressure loss of butterfly valve in the pipe is relatively large, which is about three times of that of gate valve, the influence of pressure loss on pipeline system should be fully considered when selecting butterfly valve, and the strength of butterfly plate bearing pipeline medium pressure when closing should be considered.

● It has simple structure and small size. Due to its compact structure, short structure length, small volume and light weight, it is suitable for large caliber.

● When the valve seat is fully open, the effective flow area of the valve seat channel is large, so the fluid resistance is small.

● The opening and closing torque is small, because the butterfly plates on both sides of the rotating shaft are basically equal to each other under the action of medium, and the torque direction is opposite, so it is easier to open and close.

● Convenient installation and adjustment, long service life.

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5Worm gearQT450-10

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