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BNSV Clamp handle butterfly valve


It has the advantages of fast installation, simple, safe, reliable, not limited by the installation site, convenient for the maintenance of pipes and valves, vibration isolation and sound insulation within a certain angle range, overcoming the deviation caused by the connection of different shafts, and solving the thermal expansion and cold contraction caused by temperature difference. It is widely used in the water supply and drainage of pipeline conveying fluid, and the pipeline engineering of fire protection, air conditioning, gas, petroleum, chemical industry, water treatment, municipal administration, shipbuilding and other pipeline engineering is used to control fluid.

● Large flow area, small flow resistance coefficient and large flow capacity.

● The butterfly board is made of integral rubber, anti-aging, anti radiation and durable.

● The sealing performance is reliable and not limited by medium injection (bidirectional sealing).

● The clamp type butterfly valve has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, light weight, flexible operation and convenient maintenance.

● Convenient installation and adjustment, long service life.

3O ringNBR
5Hand leverQT450-10

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