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BNSV Buffer type air valve


Due to pump stop and other reasons, the water column in the pipeline is cut off and separated, forming a negative pressure. The negative pressure will pull the separated water column back to produce impact and form a broken and closed water hammer. The buffer type air valve developed by our company has the functions of grading exhaust and preventing water hammer from breaking off. Through an adjustable buffer device, the valve can control the exhaust of the exhaust valve, realize the functions of grading exhaust, preventing impact water hammer, preventing cut-off and closing water hammer. It is a functional air valve suitable for complex water delivery system.

● Large intake and exhaust volume. Full diameter streamline flow passage design ensures strong intake and exhaust capacity.

● High air closing pressure. Because the operating pressure difference of the buffer device is lower than that of the floating ball, the floating ball will never be closed by air blowing, but will only be closed under the buoyancy of water.

● Good sealing effect. With the combination of soft and hard sealing structure and self sealing principle, the whole stage sealing and zero leakage of the valve from zero pressure to nominal pressure is realized.

● It has good effect to prevent water hammer from breaking off. When the separation water column is closed, the buffer device is closed to throttle the air, so as to prevent the rapid impact of water column and the generation of the closing water hammer.

● Eliminate the impact effect. When the water flow speed is high, the buffer device will throttle the high-speed air to eliminate the impact effect.

● Prevention of water hammer impact. When the high-speed water reaches the air valve, the buffer device slows down the impact of water flow on the floating ball of the air valve and prevents the impact of water hammer.

● Prevent water hammer filled with water. When the secondary water supply, there is a large number of segmented water flow in the pipeline, and the impact water hammer will be formed at the inflection point of the pipeline. The buffer device limits the air exhaust speed at the inflection point, and eliminates the secondary water filling water hammer through the air partition.

● Large air displacement under pressure. Micro exhaust valve adopts lever type structure, which greatly improves the exhaust capacity of micro exhaust valve under pressure.

● The structure is simple and reliable. The structure of free floating ball has few internal components, reliable structure and few faults.

● Anti frost cracking. It is especially suitable for use in northern cold areas.

● Online detection is convenient. With detection mechanism, it can easily judge whether the valve is faulty.






DI QT450-10、WCB


Float ball

Stainless steel 06Cr19Ni10、06Cr17Ni12Mo2


Buffer plate



Seal ring



Dust-proof net

Stainless steel 06Cr19Ni10