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BNSV Smart air valve


Air valve is an important guarantee for safe and energy-saving operation of water pipeline. However, the air valves used in many urban pipe networks and water conservancy projects are the ears of the deaf, which causes frequent accidents such as pipe burst. The intelligent air valve developed by our company can monitor the status of the air valve, so as to judge whether the air valve operates normally or not, and even diagnose the design of the whole system. Our company also provides software platform for air valve monitoring, which can be connected with the central control room.

● Supporting PC terminal fault analysis software, terminal and local display of air valve fault status;

● Fault diagnosis: water seepage, water leakage, micro exhaust valve not working, etc;

● Signal output: 4-20mA analog quantity;

● The operation power supply is 12-24 VDC, which is powered by solar energy and battery;

● The temperature should be 50-0 ℃;

● Protection grade: IP65.

Smart air valve is composed of air valve (can be composite air valve, buffer air valve, or vacuum air valve), state sensor, data processing module, communication transmission module, power supply and management module and software platform.