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BNSV Non-Rising stem signal gate valve


Turn the hand wheel to open and close the valve plate connected with the valve stem through the advance and retreat of the thread between the hand wheel and the valve stem. It has reliable sealing performance, even at low temperature, the sealing performance is still good. The utility model has the advantages of simple shape, short structure length, good manufacturing technology and wide application range.

● The bottom of the soft seal gate valve adopts the same flat bottom design as the water pipe, which is not easy to cause the accumulation of foreign matters and make the fluid unobstructed.

● The valve stem is designed with three "O" rings. It can reduce the friction resistance when switching, greatly reduce the leakage phenomenon and replace the sealing ring without stopping water construction.

● The valve body is made of precision casting, and the precise geometric dimension makes it possible to ensure the sealing performance of the valve without any finishing.

2Resilient wedgeQT450-10+EPDM
7Hand wheelQT450-10
8Bonnet gasketEPDM

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